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654 West Veterans Parkway, Suite B

Yorkville, Illinois 60560      

(630) 553-9686



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*      Educates parents about various aspects of divorce


*      Helps parents to lessen the negative effects of divorce on their children


*      Meets State and Federal Regulations for a parenting class for individuals   going through a divorce or petitioning the court over custody issues



Topics Covered


*      Some legal and procedural aspects of divorce


*      The emotional process of divorce for adults and children


*      Age-related problems of children of divorce and tips for helping children to cope


*      Stages of grief and loss


*      Information on when and how counseling can help


*      Co-parenting


*      New relationships 


*     Best interest of the child/children


*      Custody arrangements (including advantages and disadvantages)


*      Communicating with your child/children during and after divorce


*      Discipline and parenting tips



Other details about the program


*     Spouses must attend separate sessions


*      The program is for adults only (children do not attend)


*      Handouts and other suggested readings are provided


*     Class consists of one four hour session


*      Being on time and staying for the full session is a must for clients seeking certification


*      Pre-registration is required and court ordered clients must provide their full name, the name   of their spouse, and the court case number when registering

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