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About Us

Established in 1998  




Our psychodynamic theoretical approach is based on a strengths perspective, competency-based practice. Client centered therapy goals of treatment include: improving problem solving skills, increasing communication skills, developing a deeper insight and promoting overall functioning. 


Individual, couples, group and family therapies are available. An important part of your process will be practicing new skills that you learn during sessions. 




You may call the office for a current fee schedule. Fees for services may vary by clinician and are based upon the purpose of the session. Evaluation fees differ from psychotherapeutic sessions. 


A clinical hour is fifty-minutes in length. Please contact your insurance provider to become fully aware of benefits and reimbursement. Balance on the account will be the responsibility of the client. 




Licensure is recongnized by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulations for all clinicians at Joi Counseling Center.  Please click here for our confidentiality agreement. 

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